Friday, March 9, 2012

Something Brewing at Smith and Wesson?

I wanted to share this new video, uploaded by Smith & Wesson (via YouTube) on Wednesday. . . The video is VERY vague, it doesn't tell you what is coming, but one thing's for certain, S&W is up to something.  Could this be a single-stack M&P (hopefully with a better factory trigger!) to remain competitive with Springfield's new XDS?  Maybe some sort of S&W-branded non-lethal self-defense option, like OC spray?  Stun Gun with interchangeable backstraps?  We don't know, but it definitely something we want to know more about!  If you have any ideas as to what could be going on at Smith & Wesson, leave a comment!  We'd love to hear your opinion!

Here's the video:

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  1. My guess is a single stack 9mm M&P to compete with the Kahr cw9's, Ruger lc9, and Taurus's offering.

  2. I honestly tend to agree, it is obviously to do with the M&P line, as evidenced by the M&P Logo at the end of the video. I was thinking this was more likely to coincide with the upcoming release of the XDS, however, since I believe S&W and Springfield are more direct competitors, their offerings are very similar, especially since they jumped into the double-stack polymer pistol pool with Springfield and Glock.